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EDS Web Design FINAL team area

>>please remember to always sign your entry with the signature tool in the Wiki editing box<<

Typical Team Meeting Availability - Fall 08

  • Tuesdays from 11:15 am to 12:15
  • Fridays after 3pm
  • possibly on weekends, if necessary






thank you everyone for signing up. here is the information you need to utilize the blog. i thought i'd like to have a meeting to go over everything, but i'm not sure that it's really necessary. so i will outline the basic details about how things should be done and things to consider. and give you all the info you need to get started with your contributions. if anyone needs any further assistance or clarification we can meet on saturday after our mandatory class meeting and go over things.

the blog address is drogoul.wordpress.com:  this is the
link to actually read the blog.  to post entries on the
blog, go to wordpress.com and notice the light blue login
area on the upper left hand side of the screen just below
the header.  

username: drogoul
password: gqp8FUoNJsOE

in the same area that the login in box was you will now
find a blue box that says welcome back drogoul.  and asks
you to chose a blog.  click on the blog titled drogoul.  

the easiest way to post a new entry is to click on the new
post button on the top right hand side of the page next to
the log out button.  

(please don't mess with the settings and stuff for the
blog, if you feel like something needs to be adjusted, just
email me about it and i'll make the changes)

you have a week to post an entry.  i have found that
it's good to have someone else read things before you
post them.  or write it, leave it for a day or two, and then
come back to it.  

try and keep the word count the in the 500 neighborhood. 

these entries should have a relaxed feel to them, but try
and be clear and maintain focus.  they don't have to be
overly intellectualized or anything.  just blog writing.  we
want blog entries to feel inviting and not too intimidating
the way that a lot of the other statements, and such can be

if you want me to read over your writing, save it as a
draft and shoot me an email or text (4104284473) letting me
know there's something in the drafts folder and i'll
check it out.  

If you signed up for blog monitoring: 

this job is pretty easy.  thus far we have had no comments
in the blog section.  pretty easy.  just log per the
instructions above.  after logging in click on drogoul as
the blog in the welcome back section and then in theory
there should be comments waiting in the comment section.  we
have had zero comments yet so i'm not 100% sure how it
will work.  if there are comments and you can not figure out
how to approve them, email or text me and i'll figure it

basically no profanity, harassing, ect.  common sense.  if
you're not sure about something email or text me and
i'll check it out.  

If you signed up for documentation:

the idea is that there would be some posts that are just
photos with minimal text.  perhaps in the title box you sort
of give an idea or title for the series of photos you are
posting, and then just throw them up.  it's pretty self
explanatory on how to put photos on.  just go in as if you
are writing a new entry and it's pretty self
explanatory. then perhaps just a quick one line blurb about
who or what everyone is looking at.    

if any of your friends or people you know have photo or
video of the show or any of the events they can email it to
fpaocblog@yahoo.com images should be jpg and any video
quicktime. photo and vid credit will be noted on the the
blog for anyone who's photos or videos get posted.


' Weekly Blog Entries Blog Monitoring Event Documentation
(one entry per person)(4 people total)
DONE Jan 1 - Jan 71) April1) APRILJan 6 (installation begins)
2)1) APRIL1) April
Jan 8 - Jan 141) KAT1) APRIL
Jan 15 - Jan 211)Joe2)Jeffrey Jan 20 (spring sem starts)
2)2) Jeffrey1) April
2) Jeffrey
Jan 22 - Jan 281)Karen2) Jeffrey
2) Jeffrey
2) Jeffrey
Jan 29 - Feb 41) April3)KatJan 30 (opening reception)
2) Christina 3)Kat1) April
3)Flora3) Kat
3) Kat
Feb 5 - Feb 111) Samara 3)Feb 5 (knitting Jam)
2) Kyle3)1) Maria
Feb 12 - Feb 181) Joe4) APRIL
2)Flora4) APRILFeb 13 (14k Cabaret)
3) Samara4) APRIL1)Maria
Feb 19 - Feb 251)Raf4) APRILFeb 21 (Laure as Host)
2)Cris4) APRIL1) Christina
Feb 26 - Mar 41) April5)Feb 28 (Con Through Con)
2) Kyle5) Alissa1)
3) Lydia 5) Alissa2)
5) ALissaMar 4 (knitting Jam)
5) Alissa1) Christina
Mar 5 - Mar 111) Lydia Kenselaar 5)Mar 7 (Special Host)
2)JTaube5)1) Barbie
5)Mar 9 (Evergreen Perform)
Mar 12 - Mar 151) April6) APRIL


Disclaimer for Blog:

This blog link does not constitute an endorsement of content, viewpoint, policies, products or services and the view and opinions do not reflect the views and opinions of MICA. The contents of this website are published for information purposes only and subject to change without notice.

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