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Project Coordinator Team Summary 2008-2009

Team Members: Christina Neston Fall Semester: Christina Neston & Carissa Langer

The 2008-09 school year was the first time EDS had a Project Coordinator team. My team’s job had a lot to do with defining the team’s role within the class. The product we essentially produced was the press related material, i.e. the Media Kit. The Media Kit is a first semester project that is to be started at the beginning of class. Our team worked closely with MICA’s Media Relations Department, specifically Mikhael Williams who maintained the direct communication with the outside press people who covered the exhibition.

The Media Kit included: 1. Fact Sheet 2. Class Statement 3. Curatorial Statement 4. Student Bios 5. Staff Bios 6. Artist Bio 7. Image Sheet

The Project Coordinator team also produced the media related written materials for the Catalog, which translated over from the Media Kit. The written materials for the exhibition were overlooked and fact checked by a member of the Project Coordinator team. The Project Coordinator team also works closely with the writing mentors making sure all written materials are grammar and spelling accurate. All written materials were posted on the wiki where our team updated and maintained the organization of the wiki. Our team also made a group e-mail address where we shared responsibilities e-mailing the class and individual teams. The Project Coordinator team also produced non-psychical products. Our team was responsible for starting major communication paths within the class. Where the curatorial team worked closely with Gerald Ross, the curator-in-residence of MICA, the Project Coordinator team worked closely with Glenn, the instructor of the class. We were responsible for organizing class time, choosing discussion topics, and keeping on schedule. Our team played an important role during presentations. We kept group discussions on track, and on time. During exhibition installation our team organized the scheduling of class participation. The project coordinator team kept communication flowing in their specific roles having to do with Media related materials, but also maintained understanding of the exhibition process as a whole in order to keep the process flowing on track and in the right direction

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