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To Do list created at December 17 Class

  • 14K Announcement - Kyle and Christina (Feb. 1st)
  • ED 14k Cabaret - Kyle and Christina
  • ED Program/Host Coordination - Kat and Christina
  • ED Special Hosts/Performers - Kat and Barbie
    • Knitting Jam: Flora
    • 14Karat Cabaret: Kyle
    • Special Host: Laure Drogoul: Kat
    • Connecting Through Conundrums: Kat
    • Knitting Jam: Flora
    • Special Host: Kat
    • Bakst Theater: Kyle

  • Catalog-Interactive - Joe (this week)
  • Object labels - Barbie, Joe, and Paul
  • Marquee Graphics - GD, Joe and Taube
  • Misc. Graphic Icons, Text Panels - GD, Joe, Lydia, and Maria
  • Exhibition Guide - Carissa, Lydia, Raf, and Kat (December 31st)
  • Printed Event List - Raf and Carissa (Deadline this Friday)
  • Electronic Invite - GD Joe, Christina (January 20th)
  • Budget Contacts - Taube, Kat, Cris, Lydia, April
  • Web Graphic Design Elements - Cris and April
  • Web LD Interactive Elements - Jeffrey, Alyssa
  • Web Navigation - April and Carissa
  • Web Graphics Customization - Chris and April
  • Web EDS Responsibilities - Christina and April
  • Web Image Gallery - Lydia and Jeffrey
  • Web HIVE Section - Lydia and Jeffrey
  • Web Resource Materials - Kyle and Jeffrey
  • ED Opening Reception - Flora, Barbie and Maria
    • Opening Reception: Flora
  • Admissions Cover Letter Fact Sheet - Raf
  • Exhibition/Event documentation Coordination - Carissa and April
  • Alumni Relations Deptartment Coordination - Christina and Cris
  • Video Editing - Christina and Cris
  • Cafe Doris Activation - Samara, Lydia, Kat, Joe
  • Wall Layout Plan - Taube
  • EDS Installation Scheduling - Maria and Christina
  • Art Placement Layout - Taube
  • Installation Specs - Taube and Karen
  • Paint Specs/Sources - Paul
  • Other Material Specs/Sources - Samara
  • Copy for Catalog - Raf and Carissa
  • Catalog Holders - Paul
  • Pedistal/Shelf - Karen and Samara
    • X AV Equipment - Samara and Karen
    • X Decoupage - Taube, Joe, and Barbie
    • X Furniture - Paul and Karen
  • Converting Sound and Video Material - Christina and Cris

Dec 10


  • December 12: Laure and Gerald final catalog review
    • Web: Ask MICA Communications to send image requirements and integrated web requirements
  • December 15: Availability over break due on wiki
    • Web: Image captions to be confirmed for catalog
    • Curatorial: Final essays sent to Graphic Design BY NOON
  • December 16: Exhibition Team: Exhibitions department issues production schedule
    • Graphic Design: Mikhael, Laure & Gerald Meeting for revisions review
  • December 17: Exhibition Team: Installation schedule BY CLASS
    • Project Coordinator: Coordinate class installation schedule according to availability
  • December 18: Graphic Design: Release art to communications for catalog/printing
    • Graphic Design: Catalog complete
    • Web and Graphic Design: PDF file of catalog to WEB
  • December 19: Exhibition Team: issue information to exhibitions department
      • Details:
        • dimension of wall layout
        • information on special materials include quantity
        • Source and budget
        • Mounting details for all work includes any new pedestals as required
        • AV requirements, and working budget
  • Graphic Design: order vinyl if not a stock color by 12/19
    • Graphic Design: All exhibition graphic files turned into exhibitions department by 12/19

December 3rd

  • December 8th - Graphic Design: Mikhael's revisions of copy are due back to you.
  • December 10th - Curatorial Team: Mark's final essay is due
  • December 16th - Graphic Design: Mikhael, Laure and Gerald meeting for revisions review
  • December 18th - Graphic Design: Release art to communications for catalogue/printing
  • Graphic Design: Catalogue design approval
  • Graphic Design AND Web Design: .PDF file of catalogue to Web

November 23rd

  • December 3rd Graphic Design needs a condensed Class Statement for the catalog.
  • Curatorial - provide Exhibition Design with descriptions of all the artwork in the show.

November 13th

  • Comment on media kit
  • Graphic design: please put together a definite list for the catalogue
  • Web design: please present the web content next class.
  • Curatorial: please give a copy of the images on CD to the Graphic and Web design
  • Education: please find out if AV equipment for the Evergreen House
  • November 17th: Curatorial: catalogue images due to graphic design
  • November 18th: Curatorial and Education: wall texts due to exhibition
  • November 19th: Curatorial: confirmed essayist and finalized word count *Graphic Design: catalogue design development presentation
  • Project Coordinator: electronic media kit due to web and final media kit due
  • Web Design: partial website due, content list on what's on website
  • November 20th: Education: events happening within the spaces
  • November 21st: Curatorial: final images selected for catalogue. High res versions
  • Graphic Design: graphic identity shown to Laure
  • Project Coordinator: media kit submission to media relations

November 10th November 6th

  • 1. Post suggestions for the name of the cultural resource center; hive, laboratory, etc. on the wiki
  • 2. Also, in this homework area, please post your preliminary budget
  • November 18: Graphic Design: wall texts/labels
  • November 19: Curatorial: final essayist and cost
  • Graphic Design: catalog design developed
  • Project Coordinators: final Press Kit due
  • Website Design: partial website due AND content entry finished
  • November 20: Education: events happening within the spaces
  • November 21: Project Coordinators: Press Kit submitted to communications
  • Graphic Design: graphic identity shown

November 3rd

  • Fri 10/24 - Send MR Critical Essay Schedule.
  • Mon 11/3 (Today) - CT's concept statement, ED's class statement and Gerald's existing statement sent to M.R.
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