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Very Quick Directions on Editing and Creating Pages, Linking to Files:

On any page you can hit the "EDIT" tab at the top of the page to see what the code looks like, you may not be able to save changes because editing is limited to certain areas. You should be able to create pages and edit pages within the Team Members area. (If not send me an email at sandytri@yahoo.com)

  • How to create a new page
    • To create a new page within an existing area, click the page you want to work on, say the Education Team Files area within the Team Files and Presentations.
    • Once on that page hit the EDIT tab at the top of the screen
    • You create a new page with this code:
      • Two brackets (bracket is=[) then file name Pipe (pipe is=|) displayed name ending two brackets (ending bracket=]) ** Try to use conventions such as file name=EDS Ed list this would point to display name=ED List
      • Looks like this [EDS ED List|ED List] but with two opening and ending brackets I am only displaying one so you can see what things look like.
    • After saving this you will have new red link, click on it to go to the blank page.
      • Actual Example: (You can click on this link and practice)
      • Test Page

Create new page, enter text, bold, sign or create a link to a file.

    • To create a link to a file, you must upload the file, then click on it to display it (PDF works) and copy the link in the address bar, you must have this address to create the link. If you load a word file or anything other then PDF when you click on it, the system will prompt to open the file locally and you will not be able to create a link to it.

  • To Create a link to a file:
    • You create a link to a file with this code:
      • One bracket (bracket is=[) then paste the full address to the file SPACE display name ending bracket (one)
      • Looks like this [address bar listing ED List]

  • To create a new page:
    • * [file name|displayed name] (except with two brackets on either side)
  • Actual Example: (You can click on this link and practice)

  • To Work with Text:
    • Type text and use B button at top of editing form, quote marks will appear on either side of text.
    • Also put two returns between text lines if you want to separate them.
    • Use Preview to check how things look and before saving

  • To Sign Your Name:
    • Click the button second from right (looks like a sig) a series of dashes will appear they are your name and date

  • To create a list with indents:
    • Copy or type text in a page editing form, use * to create indent pattern with one, two or three asterisks indicating how far to indent.

Remember to hit Save once you have changes as you want them.

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