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  • The best thing is to click on the file immediately after uploading it from the info page that is displayed.
    • If it does not display or you went past that screen you can list files here
  • Click here to see all uploaded files

    • If you have uploaded a file and want to link to it
      • If it is a Jpg then click File (on the left) and the image should display, copy link from address bar
      • If it is a PDF then click Desc, on the file information screen hover your cursor over the file name and the full path to the file will be displayed. That is the path you want to use as your link. Unfortunately you can not click on it (it prompts to open the file locally), I'm working to find a solution to this...

ATTENTION: PDF's are not acting as they had been, hopefully this can be resolved, but please create a link to your file anyway, it will just prompt to be opened and that's fine. JPG's are not having this issue.

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