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GERALD’S general comments

Thanks so much, once again – your dedication and zeal for the project is amazing! I am incredibly impressed with your abilities to suss out such a complex artist in such a short time.

A very broad comment that applies to all teams:

It was very clear to me at the end of class that each team needs to kind of drop their various responsibilities to their individual projects and work on the finished product as one unit – to work on the finished product. From the details of placing each work, to the wall text, to the components that make up the hive - the identity should be apparerant throughout the exhibition, publication and all material.

I suggest addressing any possible static areas in the exhibition and know EXACTLY where each work goes, whether it is on a TV, or in an installation or is a small sculpture – if only to have it moved a bit during actual installation. this is the time to be incredibly precise.

Curatorial Team

- Work with the other teams to further instill the “vision” that Gerald has talked about – one that both he and Laure share. You have all the information about the works; share this info to help in establishing the contextual elements of the WHOLE.

- Will cards accompany works: Darwin, Nipple proj, Olfactory/Scentorium? AND who makes them?

- Great idea to use the matriarchal maze skin on hive – at least in parts. These kind of elements could be used throughout the show in spots

- Labels: how are you handling them? Are the going to include some historical data (ala Dolly articles from CP or Deleware pictures – how about the descriptions of some works – Haussner’s ball etc.)?

- Speaking of Haussner’s ball…. where is it, can you locate it? This needs to happen.

- Also – the “head” from Nancy Aencel? Has she been contacted – and loan set up?

Graphic Design Team

- We are meeting with you on Saturday and can pass on thoughts then

Web Team

- Not to be redundant but we are VERY curious to see what the “look” of this will be. How are all the teams working together to nail that look throughout every piece?

- Is there Interactivity in the “hive?” – i.e. web pieces

- Our gut feeling is that in the “gallery” section, there is no need to categorize the works – Follies, performative, etc – even thought there are descriptions in the gallery proper…still up for debate. IF you choose to categorize – make sure they are in the right category.

Education Team

- Cash bar at 14 Karat cabaret in BBOX possible?

- Admission for BBOX possible?

- Is MICA paying for the reception at Evergreen? If so, why?

- What does Laure get at Evergreen? ½ the door? Needs to pay performers something.

- What is the admission price at Evergreen?

- Cabaret tables for BBOX? Our (Cabaret’s) tables or rented?

- Cigarette girls – a suggestion would be to put out a call to MICA students to make little items to be sold – that’s what the original intent was.

- Cigarette girls – not important for Opening reception – the other elements are more important: pie server, therapist, sewing lessons, etc.

- Cigarette girls COULD walk around with the catalog at the opening….

- Papermaking workshops seems too much, in terms of time, mess etc.

- FAKE NOSES for handouts!

- Check into MICA being able to loan equip for Evergreen performance.

- I (Gerald) recommend to not use Office of Events for reservations for scheduled happenings – use Exhibitions office instead.

- IDEA FOR A GALLERY ACTIVITY : worm feedings/compost making

Exhibition Design Team

- Once again there’s a lacking of continuity in your presentation, something that could be helped greatly just by working more closely with all other teams at this point.

- Video in the front window is not a good idea – will be washed out most of the day. Need to find a different spot for Garden of Shadows – are they whole pieces or just the heads?

- Where is Playpal? She’s on the front of the catalog – cannot find her in the design anywhere. She needs a prominent location – not in the middle of the steps near Art Ed….

- Every wall should be used – empty space should be thought of as tension. I see a lot of “empty” space ---

- Café Doris – Dinner and a movie? What, when, where? We like the idea- who is coordinating this and running this?

- TVs – dotted throughout the space – what is on them?

- Darwin’s writing on the life of Earthworms – great idea to accompany “Frequencies for Darwin” – wall text

- Where is the 2nd sewing machine for Phantom Sleeve?

- Need piano stools – have they been located?

- Check ”closet” idea for Phantom Sleeve – needs re-working in our opinion

- Ask about the vent system in Meyerhoff with Facilities – does it even function in the winter?

- Exhibitions Department needs a list of ALL objects/sizes as soon as possible. Not only for loan agreements – but also for furniture: shelves, pedestals, equipment needs – THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT

- CAREFULLY go over budget items – double check with Exhibitions staff – there are very clear ways to cut costs here.

- Contact Operations about Café Doris interactivity.

- Walls for Hive – we like the option that looks like a “hive” best – that can still be worked out – but have to order parts for the walls ASAP.

- 16 mm film projected on hive – great! (LD has some great 16 mm footage!)

Comment Sheets

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