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Comment Sheets from Draft Presentations 10/29/08

View PDF of all submitted feedback forms here

Gerald's comments on 10/29/08 draft proposal presentations

One thing right off the bat – Laure and I have been wrestling with the idea of the “Dr. O’Goul’s Lab-or @tory” – while we both like the concept, it doesn’t quite seem to fit…and frankly, I (personally) think it is a bit silly. So, we are thinking about the concept – while the word “laboratory” hits the mark, somewhat, we like the word “HIVE” better. And, this could be thought of as a design element quite clearly, as well – both graphically, as well as within the exhibition.


Curatorial team:

No comments

Graphic Design Team

  • How do you meet the challenge of meshing “gutter, trashy” imagery for the PR and kits with ELEVATING this exhibition to the status it deserves. In other words, Laure is important enough tom show alongside any contemporary artist, and although she has a “street level” or outsider (low-brow, even) vision, she IS much more than that –
  • How do you meet the challenge of using imagery that doesn’t seem like a knock off of Laure’s work
  • What about using LD’s own handwriting for the text? The font you are using looks a bit…silly to me.
  • The graphic elements you are using, while they capture a home-made quality that runs through the show…and they are inventive and neat – (rubber stamps, stickers etc)…the identity seems a bit muddled – unclear. Need a SOLID graphic identity. And so…..
  • What about this PR kit makes kit stand out from the hundreds of kits that people receive all over the country – what makes someone look at this twice, rather that recycling it immediately?

Web Design Team

  • Why is ‘Dr. O’Goul’s Laboratory’ a separate entity, apart from the “exhibition?” this makes no sense to me – you have redundancies under that tab - things that are already under the “Exhibition” tab. The 'laboratory' should go under “Exhibitions.”
  • I am guessing that you are pretty dependent on the Education team but can you describe some of the programming?

Exhibition Design Team

  • Bozo Prison for four or more will not work across the street from the Gateway on City property – and the scale is wrong for your mock-up
  • How are you thinking about the MICA community – the people who work in offices in various buildings who WILL be affected by smells and sounds and have to put up with them daily – please refer directly to the sound installation policy in the handbook
  • Apparatus for Orchestral Knitting will not work in the BROWN atrium. For the above reason mainly -- but you have also redesigned LD's piece, changing the work's content and context.
  • I love the idea of engaging Café Doris – usually a thorn in the side of what we do in Exhibitions. I suggest contacting the correct MICA people (Operations/Parkhurst) for this and getting a dialog going…a lot of nice possibilities.
  • Love the giant arrows on the floor. Contact paper – GREAT IDEA!
  • Cabaret posters can be exhibited in the exhibition AND outside the BBOX for the 14 Karat Cabaret – confirm the latter with Events.

Education Team:

  • How are you engaging the MICA community/students for your programming? What kind of ‘advertising’ are you doing?
  • What are the cigarette girls handing out?
  • Who is coordinating the “Special Hosts?” – LD? The Education team?
  • Who is “training” the special hosts/guests/student docents?
  • Educator’s night seems like it won’t work --- I don’t see a lot of potential to involve educators….sorry.
  • There are too many events being thought of – need to narrow it down, condense your audience. A maximum of an event per week is fine. Less is more in this case - PLUS thinking of LD, if she is up all night before doing a Cabaret --- it won’t work the next day to have her performing in the gallery…
  • SENIORS are a great idea! (KNITTING, SEWING, SMELLING) – in fact, if you concentrate on these elements , you can define your audience better, I think.
  • Also – add this to your Exhibition fact sheet – the “where,” “when,” and “what” of it all.

THANKS everyone. --Gerald Ross 11:19, 4 November 2008 (EST)

Laure's comments on 10/29/08 draft proposal presentations

Hi everyone, I was very impressed with the presentation last class and am looking forward to the final presentations. i have been meeting with most of the teams regularly so some of this input may be redundant, so please bear with me if i am repeating....

I concur with Gerald's comment on the title Dr.OGoul's Laboratory, though if there is to be a space like this, simply calling it a laboratory is all that is needed. Calling the space the "Laboratory" would be ok. I think adding my moniker in front of it is hilarious but not in this context. Years ago, when we were working on Workshop, it was call Dr.O'goul's Workshop of Filthy Creation and I dropped Dr. O'goul for the same reason. Though a photo of the door with Dr. O'goul on it might be a funny addition since it actually happened. Other names for this section can also be Hive, Workshop, or we can continue to brainstorm.

A few thoughts for the Curatorial team

I did not get the feel that you had looked at the work as a whole in a formal sense, though you spoke well about individual work and concepts. The work that you have chosen for the exhibit is a combination of space and action. There is a theatricality to my projects, the installations are often mini-theaters that invite the viewer into an immersive environment, this theatrical/spectacle aspect, i think you captured in your presentation. This continues as part of my visual language for the most part, but my work has shifted a bit. And the shift is important. The spaces are activated by the participants, by engage the viewer to contribute to the work, making their input part of the work. The viewer in a sense creates/ transforms the work. It is evident in the Nipple Project (1996) and continues in Olfactory Factory and the knitting orchestra and the worm conversation to a degree.

This type of work starts with Ha Hay Hamburgers in the Wyman Park Dell(AD Hoc Fiasco) 1984 and continues in the fugue chamber. In the fugue chamber, I am inviting an intimate exchange, and though I do collect info during the exchange, it does not become part of the work as say the sound in the knitting orchestra which is created by the participants or the generated smell google map.

and the x team The larger follies are spectacle but they contain private interchanges, the spaces in them are small and intimate, some are contemplative. (I don't want to loose these spaces). So the spaces created is a mix of both, I think you have started to think like this a bit but I hope that there could be very different feels in the various spaces in the exhibit. Lighting is paramount and sensitivity to sound since there is audio in almost all the work. i have met with you twice since the presentations so i think we have talked the particulars.. Gerald and I have rethought the placement of the Lab and were thinking that it might work best in the center of decker..... In the heart of the gallery with multiple entrances...hence the hive idea was born. I would like to use the "nose" of the gallery as well. Though the Scentorium itself should be in Decker so that we can seal it off and create variations in smell spaces and such, the scentorium has a projected online component as well. The wall in Meyerhoff can be used as a subtle transition to the larger installation(a foreshadowing) for close up olfactory spelunking.

Ed team I loved a lot of your ideas, though they need to be focused. We will need to meet again to do this, once choice/placement of work is decided. There are very different "feels" to the different installations, hence the cigarett girls/guys? work for some occasions and not others. For the opening there are some works that have performances connected to them, so for that I would be focusing on them, how will they intersect? be seen, stay crisp, retail their integrity and not get lost in the fray, since they will all be happening simultaneously. A few thoughts would be a short program for the opening or to time things or to have them spaced.This is tricky and very different than a linear program say at the bbox....though maybe we will shake that up as well. the guest speakers-great idea and I will give you some names when we meet. Pacing is important for all the programing, for the performers, participants and the viewers.The crescendo will be the 14cabaret at the B box, and the performance at the Baskt being quieter, because of the nature of the venue and timing of the event...near the end of the exhibit.

Web Design I really like the on-line blog idea for the exhibit to replace the gallery sign in book. My first though is that it would be nice if it was connected to electronic pen and writing tablet for a blog to retain some of the handiwork that happens in those books. i have one if you would like to experiment with it. Also i suspect that some sort of blog wrangler may be needed since the publlc/private lines are being blured. I concur with the Geralds Laboratory page thoughts, it is good but needs to be integrated with the exhibition page. It will be easier when you have the front flash page designed.

Graphic Design team

The folder idea is great, and the over all look seemed close.(b-movie, vintage magic posters, bio based/medical imagery, educational/how to graphics......) I think that the images should be literally echoed in the exhibit if possible, it would be nice if they came from my actual work, you referenced this by pulling the little figure from the flyer.Maybe from the skins of the follies to be in the show ? I discovered the medical images that I used in my installations are in rolls in my studio(went there with the x team friday), we may use them in the lab/hive so it may be nice to have some overlap there with the catalog and such. We could also photo close up the surface/skin of the frog kissing booth (anatomy of a frog mixed with the anatomy of a man) or dolly or bozo.

Hope this helps, have a good class. Over and out, Laure

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