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The Hive

  • Sweetie’s head
  • Pieces of Nature Trail Spookhouse
  • Keane paintings
  • Elf/Homunculus Skins (part of Fairyland series)
  • Similarly, other parts of Fairyland--Rudolph skull, pinnochio print, apple
  • Billy Bob Brancusi
  • Bust (if Nancy will loan, Curatorial is emailing LD about this and other busts)
  • Mockette of Sweet Annie
  • Folly skin samples
  • Freud’s Rotten Little Dream Beaver (we think this makes more sense in the Hive than in the gallery space)
  • Taxidermied Cat (in her house, unsure of title)
  • Scented papers--as the Education team will be doing a workshop
  • Other collections from Laure’s house & Misc. objects Laure has collected (medical oddities? dolls? We’re investigating)
  • Digitized16mm footage w/actual 16mm projector running (Gerald suggests 2 Janes performance based on "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane.")
  • Computer w/Hive website & Laure’s websites
  • Performance footage (either on monitors, projected on wall, or on web) including
  • Masks including:
    • Essences masks (long nose)
    • Flip wigs from The Main Drain
    • Scolding mask from Workshop of Filthy Creation
    • Laure’s collection of old catcher’s masks
    • Monkey head (from Bananas, Scientists’ Favorite Fruit)



Video Footage Going In Hive

Henceforth, this symbol ampersand (&&&) will be used to denote footage that has yet to be digitized!

Invocation for the last full measure of devotion(Seance from Arlington)

The Two Janes (?) (16mm dub, projected on outside of hive)

Cabaret Footage&&&

The Main Drain&&&


Work Shop of Filthy Creation (Possibly projected on ramp instead)

Bananas: Science's Favorite Fruit&&&

Food Prep Made Easy(Possibly projected on ramp instead)

Nature trail spookhouse (?)

Sculpture's that require video:

Play Pal

Play House (from Evidence of Fairyland)

Haussner's Ball of String--2 parts: hands projected onto ball, documentation of auction on adjacent wall

Writing Device&&&

Phantom sleeve&&&

Fugue Chamber for Amnesiacs

--Christina Neston 17:22, 17 December 2008 (EST)

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