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Letter to George re: Friends of EDS Support

  • View submitted word document here. Thank you for your comments. I emailed George our request and will let you know if I hear anything!

--Lydia Kenselaar 21:11, 12 December 2008 (EST)

Final Presentation

Draft Proposal Presentation


| presentation in PDF format

Initial Team Presentation

View PowerPoint PDF here


Our Team Responsibilities are — to develop a conceptual framework and to generate written materials about the exhibition and Laure, and to select the pieces and the title of the show. We will be networking with other teams as well as working with Laure and Gerald very closely to get a better idea of her work and how that relates to the gallery spaces.

Conceptual framework – These are the themes that we are going to be representing in the exhibition. This is the list of words that came out of an earlier class discussion that we feel best describe the thread that runs through all of Laure’s work. These themes are a very intricate part of what we hope to show in the exhibition as well as what will inform our writing about her and her work. Multisensory Dualities Interactivity Fantastical/Spectacle

Important Dates - We would like to have the title selected by Friday, October 3rd. We would also like to have a preliminary selection of the artwork done by Monday, October 6th. We are shooting for November 11th to be the day that the artworks that are going to be in the show are finalized.

Title/Pieces The final title is "Folies, Predicaments, and other Conundrums: the Works of Laure Drogoul") We are in the process of selecting the pieces and from that we will have a better understanding of what the title will be. Also Just a little reminder---- Our team posted a brief list of pieces we’d like to include in the show on the Wiki last week in the Curatorial Section. As our concept develops and pieces are selected we will update the wiki to keep everyone in formed of how things are moving. We will have a half hour class discussion of the title and concept statement after all the teams present today.

Communications We are already establishing emails with the other teams. We will provide insight on other teams and keep up with all the communications between the teams and Laure, and Gerald. We will provide communications with images for PR materials and the documentation of the show. We are the Liaison between our clients and the class! We will communicate any ideas; we are in the process of coordinating studio visits with Laure.

  • Summary of Team Roles are:
    • To develop the exhibition concept and written materials
    • To select the pieces and the title and to collaborate with all parties involved to ensure success of the exhibition that meets our clients’ expectations.

--Lydia Kenselaar 10:05, 21 October 2008 (EDT)

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