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Evaluation Summary

Most Successful: We were very happy that the exhibition had a definite thread to it, and reflected Laure’s artistic visions, concepts, and inspirations. Most of the artwork we wanted in the exhibition was in it, and so our team’s vision for the show was manifest in the final product. Keeping Laure on task—following our deadlines and the school’s—was a key factor in our team’s success. We also met with our mentor, Gerald Ross, on a weekly basis. We made sure that a curatorial team member was at every group’s team meetings with Laure, or other important team meetings, to keep abreast of any important developments. Maintaining these regular meetings played an important part in keeping out team on task and contributed to the overall success of the exhibition.

Less Successful: There was a lot of time devoted to developing the Hive concept (a gallery within a gallery, bringing Laure’s collections and studio into the formal gallery space) and planning what would go into the Hive, but because there was a very short window of time to install the show, the Hive was the last element of the exhibition to be finalized during the installation. We would have liked to see the Hive more chock-full of collections, it was more bare than we would have liked. Again due to the last-minute installation, the labels in the Hive, and elsewhere in the exhibition, were sometimes in illogical places and may not have been noticed by visitors. We should have been in closer communication with the Exhibition Design team throughout the planning phase of the class. Greater communication with all teams would have been beneficial, but it was challenging to find times to meet outside of class. Hopefully the new class structure will allow this communication to happen during regular class time.

Recommendations for the Future:

  • Be organized! Establish routine meetings early on.
  • Find a way to share research with other teams/class members! Not mandatory readings, but perhaps a web resource of writings that could be referred to as needed on the wiki would be helpful….
  • Always give yourself one week more than you think you’ll need to complete a task or project.
  • If essays are to be included in your catalog, identify the essayists as early as possible so they have ample time for writing.

Curatorial Team Exhibition Contributions

Exhibition Artwork


Evergreen House Baskt Theater Program

Cabaret Program

Sensory Guide


  • 01/07/09 Submitted final images for exhibition website


Press Kit

  • 11/14/08 Laure's full page bio submitted to MICA Communications
  • 11/03/08 Images submitted to MICA Communications for Media CD and Press Release

Wall Text

In-class Assignments & Misc.

Funding request to George & Friends of EDS

Proposal Presentations

Team Presentations

Exhibition concept Statement

Finalized 10/15/08

Follies, Predicaments, and Other Conundrums: The Works of Laure Drogoul invites visitors to immerse themselves in a paradoxical, absurdist world of darkness, wonder, and beauty. Drogoul's sculptural follies, roving performances, and interactive works draw upon B-movie imagery, science fiction, psychoanalytic theory, and pop culture - particularly roadside Americana. Along the way she explores and exploits the symbiotic relationships and tensions between humanity and nature, creating works that have a uniquely accessible Baltimore aesthetic.

Archived, working Curatorial Wiki pages

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